10 Smallest Countries in Europe you must visit

List of the 10 smallest countries in Europe, how can you get to these tiny countries, which is the smallest country in Europe? And other interesting facts about the smallest countries on the European continent.
10 Smallest Countries in Europe you must visit

The 10 smallest countries in Europe

Europe is the most beautiful continent in the Northern Hemisphere and mainly in the Eastern Hemisphere. It constitutes the westernmost peninsulas of the continental landmass of Eurasia. Europe is home to be most diverse and culturally rich, and unique countries. Each country has something special and different to offer, speaks distinct languages, and has impressive cuisines. Adding on to this there are some more reasons why tourists love to visit Europe because of its varied and attractive landscapes, atmosphere and the appealing weather.

are you ready to take a tour of Europes tiniest nations?

Top 10 tiniest countries in Europe 

They may be small but are the most beautiful countries in Europe. These little countries in Europe will surprise you with their work of art, sightseeing opportunities, rich history, and cultural wealth despite their small size. However, some of them are as tiny in terms of area as 0,44sqkm, you can imagine!

  1. Monaco 

Monaco acquires an area of 2.1km2. It is the second-smallest, most crowded, and populated country in the world. Monaco is a sovereign city-state along with five quarters and ten wards. Marvelous Monaco is located at French Riviera in Western Europe. One of the most beautiful and independent microstates in Europe is Monaco. It stacks up against in size to The New York’s Central Park, as this country would completely fit in place of it!!

Monaco is known for the Monte Carlo Casino which is one of the world-famous casinos, the great yacht marina, and its luxurious and prestigious shopping places where you can buy luxury brands and designer clothes. The city of Monaco is straightforwardly connected with the close by cities in France which include Primarily Menton, Cannes, and Nice. It is one of the great options for a joyful day trip. You’ll get to experience a light-hearted day while exploring so many dazzling places – Monaco attractions including the Prince’s Palace, The Monaco Cathedral, and none other than the Antoine Fort. 

Top 10 tiniest countries in Europe monaco

  1. Andorra

A preserve traverse of European microstates is the small-scale dukedom of Arona, alight high up in the Pyrenees Mountains. However, this country neither has an airport, nor a rail station and can only be traveled by two roads- one leading down to Spain and the other to France. The visitors are attracted to the endless duty-free shopping opportunity as well as with its adorable old part of town, called Barri Antic. The historic city of Andorra La Vella is the best tourist country to visit. Their resorts have also gained popularity due to affordable winter sports plus countless leisure activities on offer in the adjoining mountains. 

  1. San Marino

The leading smallest country in Europe and the Most Serene Republic of San Marino has a region of around 60 sq km. The small-scale “Serenissima Republicca” has an astonishing hilly location, and it attracts all the tourists with its picturesque mountains landscapes, historic centuries-old architecture, and sterling walled town with the most beautiful and alluring places to enjoy. People wishing to explore San Marino’s treasures should surely place its citadels, palaces, and towers on their list. The Palazzo Pubblico hall is one of the major San Marino Attractions, together with the republic’s three towers, and the old basilica. 

San Marino

San Marino

  1. Vatican City

Talking about the smallest countries in Europe, Vatican City is the second-smallest country in the world (not only in Europe). It is surrounded wholly by the capital of Italy, the Vatican is the place where the Holy Father lives and is the “headquarters” of the Roman Catholic Church. People come to visit from all over the world and give at least a day to explore the treasures of the Vatican when going to Rome. Thereby, the Vatican Museums are unmissable, housing remarkable artwork and historical exhibitions. The world’s tiniest city-state is a habitat to the world’s biggest church – Saint Peter’s Basilica. Vatican City is a wonderful place and famous for its beauty all over Europe. It shares its borders with Rome and is also known to be the holiest place in Europe. 

Vatican City

Vatican City

  1. Luxembourg

Those going to the Netherlands and Belgium must give themselves a treat to Luxembourg. Delightful Luxembourg is a cute, very small piece of beauty but, will be a very pleasant, and marvelous surprise once you’ll visit the place. The country share borders with Germany, Belgium, and France. Avidly. The architecture of the old town is primarily of sunny shining yellow shades, adding a special warm vibe to the view. The recommended places to visit are the Ducal palace, the easily recognized Notre Dame Cathedral of Luxemburg, and the fascinating Vianden Castle.

  1. Liechtenstein

Lissom Liechtenstein is one more, a small principality that you should not miss visiting. It is placed at the intersection of Australi and Switzerland. The length of the entire country is somewhat 15.5mi, yet this nordic beauty has much more to explore and especially to offer to all the travelers. Most of the first-time visitors start their journey from the capital of Liechtenstein, Vaduz as here, you can find some of the amazing Vaduz Castle which is surely an important landmark. Some more places that you must check out are the St. Florin Cathedral, and for Fabs of art, the Kunstmuseum is a good-to-go spot.   



  1. Malta

One more brilliant and nostalgic location to add to your list is the island country of Malta which is located in the Mediterranean Sea, not so far from Southern Sicily. It is made up of several islands including Malta and Gozo is the biggest. After gazing at the beauty of gorgeous beaches and the charming capital, Valetta, there’s much more to explore. The Blue Lagoon with emerald waters, the Blue Grotto, the Dingli Cliffs as well as the so-called Azure Window are the top natural Malta attractions. To experience a glowing and glaring sneak peek of true traditional Malta, you must visit Marsaxlokk. This seaport village is a hub for loveable and charming Maltese Luzzu boats and is known for a great marketplace. 

  1. Cyprus

Another small European country which covers the diametre of about 9,251km2. Cyprus is an island nation in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. A very beautiful place to celebrate a nice weekend, and is the third-largest, and also the third most populous island in the Mediterranean. Over the last few years, the country has deliberately focused on diversifying its traditional beach holiday image to showcase to the world that it consists a lot more to serve than just the sun and sea area.  They have extended the season to most welcome the tourists all year round. Cyprus is promoting its mild and green winters with snow-capped peaks that are a cherry on top to enhance the beauty of Cyprus.  

  1. Kosovo

Kosovo is Europe’s newest country, born in 2008. Kosovo is a fascinating and attractive location landing in the heart of the Balkans rewarding visitors with welcoming smiles, charming mountain towns, incredible hiking areas. Kosovo consists of many more things to serve on your plate, for instance, Picturesque Prize, charming mosque-and church-filled old town. The castle high above the city is a must-go place for every tourist visiting Kosovo and there’s a museum or two, plus the town can also be used as a day trip or a good picnic location. In addition, the Prize is famous for Dkufest, a documentary film festival held in the month of every August that attracts documentary markers and experts, and fans from all over the universe. 

  1. Montenegro

So, here we have come at the end of exploring the little countries in Europe. The smallest country of Montenegro puts a lot into its small box. Its Adriatic coast is packed with pretty fishing villages. Tourists are attracted mainly because of the view, and the pleasant ambiance of Montenegro. If you are fond of mountains then you must visit here, its mountainous interior is truly mesmerizing, covered with ancient forests, sprinkled with lakes and rivers, and rising to snowy peaks, serving some wonderful skiing areas like Kolasin and many more.

I Hope, the tremendous list of the Top 10 tiniest countries in Europe will help you to add some interesting and joyful places to the must-visit list. From the above interesting data, you get to know about what is the smallest country in Europe? What are the most beautiful locations that are you can explore and visit at least once, and a lot more facts about the smallest nations in Europe? 

Wishing that this guide – the smallest countries in Europe turned out to be a great help to you.