Zanzibar- The best Itinerary for 7-days

The appeal of the Zanzibar islands is fabulous and worthy. The fascinating Stone City, a town with a worth-knowing history- urges you to roam around its slender streets; explore the palm-fringed, ivory sand beaches, bright and beautiful coral reefs, spectacular turquoise ocean, and glorious marine life. Visit Zanzibar for the best destinations ever!
Top places to visit in Tanzania

The best time to visit Zanzibar

The best time to visit Zanzibar is considered in the months from June to October in the chilly yet dry weather. Early October is the cheapest time to visit Zanzibar. The months of December to February are suitable for those who prefer lesser crowds. Though, the weather in these months is hotter. On a week-long holiday, 4-5 days of the week in a beach-side hotel and 2-3 days of the week in the culture-rich historic Stone Town is our recommendation. Stone Town is the historical and cultural capital of Zanzibar, which happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Top places to visit in Tanzania itineraries

Zanzibar is one of the conventional sovereign regions of the African nation. Zanzibar is blessed with lovely islands, appealing seas, colorful corals, and unique sea creatures, making it the perfect vacation with the sun. It is the best excursion area and, possibly the dream itinerary for beach lovers.

Beautiful Zanzibar, with its unparalleled pearly white beaches leading to the azure Indian Ocean, can be described as a small paradise on earth. Are you planning for the perfect trip to Zanzibar with all the pieces of information in your hand? Then you have chosen the perfect place. Browse the article and explore the top-rated island of Zanzibar-Tanzania, and a few tips and tricks to uncover the journey.

Exploring Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a large combined group of small islands, famously known as an archipelago. The foremost island, Unjuga Island, is commonly called Zanzibar and is domestic to Stone Town – the cultural epicenter of Zanzibar. Take a trip to Zanzibar and enjoy the sprawling seashores and crystal-clear sea! If you wish to possess your Tanzanian touristry successfully, then do not miss to flee to the foremost serene and tranquil beach life of the Islands of Zanzibar, the best of the Tanzanian itineraries.

Do you love wildlife, being in the cradle of nature, and spending time outdoors? Then, The islands of Zanzibar are worth a visit. The azure oceans that mix the white sandy beaches and turquoise blue water leaves each spectator captured.

What to do in Zanzibar?

Zanzibar islands are full of activities. Safari blue trip on the island may be a full-day ocean journey tour with millions of fascinating things that embody swimming, snorkeling, sea-food tasting, and sailing on a standard sailing ship popularly known as a traditional dhow.

What to do in Zanzibar for a week?

Zanzibar is known for a diverse coastline there are lots of different experiences across the main island, from the vibrant culture within the south to idyllic barefoot luxury within the north. The Safari blue trip in Zanzibar is yet one more widespread tour that has been organized for a while. This tour is an excellent possibility for ocean lovers to experience the ocean and sea creatures in an exceedingly different manner. The island offers the bluest waters and the whitest beaches. This tour is, in fact, not only about a few ancient boat trips or swims, as you will be able to do more than that. 

A week in Zanzibar is enough time to offer everything you urge to have. Zanzibar islands are one of the best chosen destinations to plan a week-long holiday. 

Zanzibar’s gorgeous white powdery beaches are ideal for those who want to experience spots like Seychelles or Maldives at their budget. In addition, its rich, vibrant culture offers another flavor for beach lovers. Honeymooners may spend their best times in the most luxurious yet unique destination. Along with exploring the villages, plantations, and the gorgeous remote beaches of Zanzibar, they may access the premium amenities in the super deluxe resorts and hotels.


The top ten things to try to do in Zanzibar :
  1. Water activities and sports at Nungwi

The stunningly beautiful resort Nungwi is the most known resort in Zanzibar. It offers numerous water sports for adventure-loving people, it includes- snorkeling, scuba diving, paragliding, and much more. 

2.Markets of Stone Town

The marketplace of Capital town is the most visited place in Zanzibar. An array of shops with exclusive fabrics, spices, jewelry, coffee, and so much more. This place is a must-visit to explore the cultural and social life of the locals residing here.

3.Beach life of Zanzibar

There are several resorts you can choose to stay at. The Kendwa beach and the resorts there are well-known among them. The beach is much quieter and private due to the lack of tourists and its large area. The ocean breeze against your face, the warm sun beaming on your skin, and views as far as the eye can see- make your dreams come true. Zanzibar is a perfect vacation destination for everybody, for those wanting to easily relax on the beach yet as people who need to urge to get out and explore everything stunning in the Indian Ocean island. 

Exploring Zanzibar

4.The Old Fort

The Old Fort is situated at the seafront nearby the House of Wonders. It faces towards the Forodhani Gardens. The fort helps you take a deep dive into the history of Tanzania. It is the oldest building in the Capital and has numerous attractions to invite visitors. They enjoy the live dance and music held there in the evenings. The tourist information desk and restaurants are made available for their convenience. The main festivals of Zanzibar famously known as the Festival of the Dhow countries and also called the Zanzibar International Film Festival- are mainly celebrated at this prominent Fort. 

5.The Spice islands

Historically, Zanzibar is quite famous for its spices. It is one of the most profitable industries of the Zanzibar islands. Experience exquisite varieties of nutmeg, clove cardamon, and many more.

Exploring Zanzibar

6.Snorkeling at Mnemba Atoll

Snorkeling in Zanzibar attracts thousands of travelers annually. The massive numbers of assorted fishes and marine species build the underworld ever exciting! 

Starting with the traditional dhow boat, you will travel into the turquoise waters. On this private island, you can walk along the shore and explore the beauties o6f the vibrant coral surroundings. 

Or You can enjoy the beauty of Zanzibar in a dhow boat, to go snorkeling, which is the conventional local boat, allowing you to dive in the crystal clear water and enjoy marine vistas. Swim with the dolphins on trips to local nature preserves, as they also organize the Dolphin trips. You can visit nature parks that breed dolphins and can arrange for a deep dive with the dolphins in the open sea, their natural habitat.

7.Breathtaking sunsets

In Zanzibar, you will never miss a blazing bright sunset. Some areas are best known for their glorious sunsets. Since Nungwi and Kendwa face west, they are perfect for this sight. 

8.Explore flora and faunas of Prison Island

The prison island is worth a visit if you go to Zanzibar. There are some exceedingly beautiful natural beauties you get to witness on this island. Gigantic turtles and beautiful dolphins are most admired by tourists. 

9.The House of Wonders

There is an amazing combination of Swahili and Zanzibari culture, that you will experience here. The House of wonders will assist you in learning more about them. The building holds historical importance. The exhibition in the House will provide you with insights into the vibrant cultures. 

10.Relish the local cuisine at Forodhani market

It is the liveliest market in Stone Town. The market is famous for its freshest produce in the truest Zanzibari styles. If you like us are fond of food this will be your favorite place in Zanzibar. Sea-food lovers will love to savor the freshly cooked dishes and meat served with mouth-watering garnishes and a lot more. 

Backpacking in Zanzibar

If you are intrigued to take a trip around, you can have a look at Zanzibar Island’s neighbor, Pemba island. It is a lovely location with forested hills and aromatic clove plantations, in addition to colorful coral reefs and abundant marine life. A well-known motel right here is the particular and award-winning Manta Resort floating motel. In their luxurious (and expensive) glass-walled underwater rooms, you will find yourself face-to-face with the fish and rays of mild refracting via the water from the comfort of your mattress. A low-priced alternative is the Pemba Paradise mattress and breakfast. Here, within the small price, you will be treated like royalty by the attentive group of workers and a seashore nearly to yourself. Zanzibar is a beautifully diverse destination where you experience the perfect blend of history with a splash of African charm, together with wonderful exotic beaches. 


Zanzibar is one of the most enchanted places on earth! That is a pretty formidable statement however, as soon as you will be there, you will be in its trance and, you will not want to leave the place. Visit Zanzibar for the most thrilling vacation spot ever, and then you realize you do not miss anything material, only experience, and a company that truly fills the soul.