The Top 10 Views of Mount Everest

The top 10 views from Mount Everest that might amaze you includes Gokyo Ri, Renjo La Pass, Gokyo Fourth, and fifth lakes, etc.
Best View Points to See Mt Everest

Top 10 views from Mount Everest

The top 10 views from Mount Everest that might amaze you includes Gokyo Ri, Renjo La Pass, Gokyo Fourth, and fifth lakes, etc. 

10 leading Best views OF Mount Everest

Mountain Everest is the most famous and the tallest mountain in the world. Not only is the mountain known for the height that it possesses but also for the beauty that it offers. Mount Everest stands on the bucket list of thousands of people. To trek at mount Everest is no joke! Of Course trekking high up at 5600 meters requires enough confidence and passion. But it offers much more satisfaction to the adventure lovers and trekkers on having a glimpse of the summit of Everest. 

To go trekking up the mountains requires huge sacrifices and determination. Thus, it’s very essential to know all about the viewpoints of Mount Everest lest it won’t make sense if you put so much effort and yet miss the beauty of the mountains.

 You would want to get the best views of the mountain.

Whether you are planning the Everest base camp or you are planning to extend your camp to the Gokyo lakes, the list below will help you to catch all the beautiful viewpoints. Although you won’t be able to see the entire mountain from all the viewpoints, some will provide you the views of the peak only while others would allow you to have an expansive look at Mount Everest. 

Mount Everest or the Nepalese Himalayas are world-known for their beautiful topography. The snow-clad mountains, the clear blue waters of the Gyoko lakes, and the cold chilly weather make up for a crazy yet adventurous expedition. As awesome as it gets, the best time to climb Mount Everest is generally considered to be from the window of April-May. Even mid-June is great timing to visit the beautiful mountains, for that matter. 

The amazing view from Everest that you must watch

Following is the list of the top 10 major viewpoints of Mount Everest that an ordinary trekker should look for. It does not include all the viewpoints but surely the major and best ones have been included. 

You might want to make the most out of your vacation by having just the best view from Everest. Read through our guide to find your ideal spot. Definitely, these viewpoints prove that the Everest region is one of the best vacation getaways in the world. All these places can be visited in the Sagarmatha National Park region. Undoubtedly, these experiences are to die for. You can unfold your adventurous side by taking in the Himalayan beauty with this travel guide.

  1. Phakding to namche bazaar rest point

This viewpoint is not the best that one can witness at mount Everest but it is the first view that you will come across during your trek. As you move towards the Namche bazaar from Phakding (generally day 2 of the EBC route), you will come to see a resting platform at the end of the journey. This is where you will get your first view of Everest across the trees.

You will also go by the same platform as you will head to Lukla on the last day of the trek. 

Your trek will become even more magical because of this mid-trek session. You will come across this beautiful point on your way from Phakding to Namche Bazar. Peeking through the trees, this resting point gives the first view of the Everest point. Moreover, this will also serve as the last view of the gorgeous mountains while coming towards the end of the journey. While heading back to Lukla, passing through this resting point, this spot will bid you a glorious last adieu of the mountain ranges. The first and the last view of the Everest top is clearly most memorable. And, this resting point will surely do justice to your aspirations.

  1. Sagarmatha National park museum

Just a few minute’s walking distance from the Namche bazaar is the Sagarmatha national park museum. To reach the pathway to the museum area you will need to move towards the top of the town and then to the right-hand side, where you will catch the Tenzing Norgay memorial beside the viewing platform.

From there you can acquire views of Mount Everest. Also along with Mount Everest you can also get to see AMA Dablam, Nuptse, and Lhotse. Just in case u don’t get confused that which one amongst all is Everest then it is one on the extreme left. Although you will not obtain the complete view of Mount Everest but only of the top of it.

This beautiful museum is just a 20-30 minutes walk away from the Namche Bazaar village. It houses the Tenzing Norgay Memorial that pays homage to the great mountaineer or Sherpa as people call him. Alongside the memorial is the viewing point which offers amazing views of Ama Dablam, Lhotse, Nuptse, and above all Mount Everest. Furthermore, if you visit this place during sunrise, you will be lucky enough to get the most mesmerizing view. The sun rays light up the mountain ranges and persuades you to get drown in its beauty. You need to halt for two days in Namche at the beginning and end of your trek, giving you ample opportunities to visit this museum.


Best View Points to See Mt Everest

Best View Points to See Mt Everest


  1. Hotel Everest view

Since it is not easy to make adjustments in such areas. Day 3 of the Mount Everest base camp trek is occupied as the day to adapt to the Namche Bazaar and to explore it. Almost everyone chooses to hike up to the hotel Everest view. From the outdoor area on the pavement, one can have a wide view of the Mount Everest range. 

It takes a few couples of hours to hike up to the hotel but for the beautiful surroundings that you will come across, it’s all worth it.

On the acclimatization day that usually falls on Day 3 of the trek, people preserve themselves to get accustomed to the weather discrepancies of Everest ranges. Most visitors prefer to hike up to Hotel Everest View located at 1,444 feet elevation. The hotel offers an unforgettable experience where you can enjoy the mountain view along with food and drinks. The hotel proudly boasts of a huge patio area that gives a vast view of the mountain. It is truly a rewarding deal to enjoy your meal in such beautiful surroundings after hiking for a couple of hours. 

  1. Namche bazaar to tengboche route

Till the fourth day of the Everest base camp, you will be on the way to Tengboche. In the course of the first portion of the path between Namche Bazaar and Tengboche, you will be in a position to get a view of Everest out in the distance alongside the Nuptse and Lhotse mountains. It is one of the most beautiful views of Everest as the path is carved along the valley wall. Also, the river flowing down works as a cherry on the cake.

  1. Tengboche/Tengboche

Pangboche is just a little further from Tengboche. 

If you trek a bit further from Tengboche, you will arrive at the Pangboche. You will probably reach the Tengboche on day 4 of the Everest base camp. You will be able to catch some really beautiful views from these villages. As soon as you enter the Tengboche, you will see a lodge and restaurant towards your right which are a great spot to stop at and enjoy the look around. 

At the Pangboche, you will get to see only a small portion of the top of the mountain. In the evening you can get some of the rarest views of the light striking Mount Everest during the sunset.

After leaving pangboche it will take far more days to witness Everest until you reach the Gorak shep area.

Tengboche is a village that allows you to enjoy amazing views of the Everest Mountain ranges. Moreover, you can also hike a little further to reach the Pangboche townlet that offers you a nice view of the mountain top as well. As soon as you enter Tengboche, you will find a great place to dine while overlooking the Everest ranges. The eating joint goes by the name of Tashi Delek Lodge and Restaurant. Although you can see just a teeny-tiny top of the mountain from Pangboche, still the view is pretty great. We strongly recommend you not to miss the sunset while halting at Tengboche or Pangboche. The beauty of Mount Everest increases manifold when the descending rays of the sun strike the snowy terrains.

The Top 10 Views of Mount Everest

The Top 10 Views of Mount Everest


  1. Mount Everest base camp

Although you won’t be able to see Mount Everest from Gorak shep and the Mount Everest base camp you can get a glimpse of the silver at the top of the mountain. This is not one of the best viewpoints but it is surely a unique and rare opportunity to see the top of Mount Everest while moving around the base camp.

  1. Kala Patthar

The view that one gets from the peak of Kala Patthar is undoubtedly the best viewpoint of Mount Everest. Kala Patthar is situated just behind the Gorak shep village. If you go for a further two-hour trek to hike up the mountains for the sunset or sunrise, aside from mounting Everest you can also get the views of Khumbu glacier and Khumbu icefall. The top view of Mount Everest from the Kala Patthar mountains is one of the highlights of the Mount Everest base camp. this place boasts of the best view of the Everest peak. Also spelled as Kalapathar (meaning the black rocks), this summit gives a spectacular 360° view of the whole area of the Sagarmatha National Park region. You can eye countless mountain peaks in whichever direction you look. In addition, you can take a 2-hour long trek during sunrise or sunset if you want to witness beautiful views of the Khumbu glacier, Khumbu icefall, and Mount Everest itself. The Kala Patthar trek is the last part of the Everest Base Camp trek. After that, the Gokyo village region commences. At 18,176 feet elevation, the Kala Pathar summit allows you to glance very far away. 

  1. Gokyo RI

Gokyo Ri is yet another most beautiful viewpoint to get the top view of mount Everest. Gokyo Ri is at 5357 meters/ 17575 feet high. It not only offers the peak view of Mount Everest but also the Ngozumpa glacier, the Gokyo lakes, and other well-known adjoining mountains such as Cho Oyu. It is one of the most pleasing day hikes since it is challenging to climb up from the lakeside village. Gokyo Ri is a must-do hike up from Gokyo to Gokyo RI.

  1. Gokyo fourth and fifth lakes

Towards the further out from the Gokyo region, there are fourth and fifth lakes. Hiking towards the Gokyo lakes from the Gokyo region is in itself a great deal. As you will make your way towards the fourth and fifth lakes, you will start getting the views of Mount Everest to your right behind the ngozumpa glacier.

 Also, in terms of the altitude, these are not on many heights as compared to the Kala Patthar mountains and Gokyo RI. But the views it offers are wide-ranging as you can see most of Mount Everest. Gokyo fourth and fifth lakes are often not given due consideration since their elevation is not as high as other viewpoints. But this is just not the case since it is one of the rarest viewpoints which offers the sight of the majority of Mount Everest. 

The trek from Gyoko to Gyoko Ri offers an incredible view of Mount Everest as well as the wonderful Gyoko Lakes. Additionally, you can view the Ngozumpa glacier and other mountains such as Cho Oyu. At 17,575 feet high, this place is not really an easy climb. But it is surely worth the efforts. Gokyo region delivers a couple of viewpoints for mountain lovers to delve into Mount Everest’s sleeping beauty. Also, this lakeside village doubles up as a resting halt for people mid-trek, allowing them time to relax and rejuvenate. 

  1. Renjo la pass

This is the last viewpoint of Mount Everest and also the major one. It is located behind the Gokyo region. As you move up behind the Gokyo you will reach the renjo la pass. On your way to the renjo la pass, you can see Mount Everest out in a distance with the Gokyo village and main Gokyo lake below.

 As you make your climb up towards the la pass, the sight of Mount Everest will get more and more clearer with the lake and glacier out in front of Mount Everest and other adjoining mountains. Once you reach the renjo la pass, it’s the last viewpoint of Everest and it’s time to make your way down to the Namche bazaar once again.

As you walk your way towards the Renjo La Pass after crossing Gokyo, you will witness the last major Everest viewing point. Climbing higher and higher up the pass you must keep on turning back from time to time to catch a glimpse of the magnificent mountain ranges. The view gets better and better as you go higher up the altitude. Moreover, the Gokyo lake and the Gokyo village adds up to the beauty of the glacier. It makes for the most picturesque scenery that you can ever imagine. After reaching Renjo La Pass, it is now time to make a full loop journey back to the Namche Bazaar point. So, click enough pictures of the fascinating view from this place as it offers one of the best canvases of Mount Everest.


This brings to the end of the guide to the top ten main viewpoints of the mountain mount Everest. I hope this guide has worked as a helpful tool for those who are planning to go to Everest base camp. The given viewpoints would surely provide you with some of the best unforgettable moments of your lives. Visiting Mount Everest and witnessing some of the beautiful sights remains a dream of many people out there.

 At times even if a person visits mount Everest in person, he is unable to find the just-right viewpoint of Mount Everest. This guide is not just a few names of certain places but it holds a mesmerizing scenery to it. If you have visited any of these you can simply recall its beauty by just looking at the name of the place.  

Having a glimpse of Mount Everest still is and will continue to be one of the most thrilling experiences of all time. This guide was just a way to help them in making those dreams come true.