8 Top Ancient Ruins in Greece

8 Best Ancient Sites to visit in Greece including Castle of Monolithos, Acropolis of Athens, Meteora and etc
Best Ancient Sites in Greece

8 Best Ancient Sites in Greece

Are you planning for a memorable yet remarkable trip on your next vacation? Then, exploring Greek ruins can make some unforgettable and unmatched experiences for you for a lifetime. In short, Greece has made a great combination of engineering wonders and wonderful architectures.
The ruins of the bygone era will tell you stories of what the place used to be like. What would be more interesting for a history buff to spend some quality time by discovering remnants of the Bronze Age? Capturing some photographs of the ruins of the Hellenistic Period is fascinating in itself.
Whether you are a history enthusiast or not you will find Ancient Greek monuments of the bygone era extremely insightful. Therefore, do not forget to add prominent destinations in this regard to your itinerary when you are ready for planning your Greece trip.
In short, the age-old ruins of Greece spread across many places, such as big temples, lost cities, and so on. It is time to check out some of the best-in-class destinations so that you can indulge in the beauty and grandeur of the place and enrich your history knowledge.

The Must-Visit Ancient Sites in Greece

Do you wonder Where to See Greek Ruins? The following list will help you to create your itinerary.

Castle of Monolithos

Do you want to explore a testament to the medieval era? Then, you should not miss visiting the Castle of Monolithos. It is a popular destination to witness the castle remnants of the medieval era. Nestled atop an elevated rock, the Castle of Monolithos has Rhodes Island at one side. 

Did you know the Byzantine castle will take you to the remnants of the 15th century? Moreover, a newer castle had also been structured atop the Byzantine castle. The top of the Castle of Monolithos offers an awe-inspiring panorama of the magnificent Greek island views. The remnants will add more delight and charm to the entire Greece trip of a traveler. 

Moreover, if you are an adventurous soul, you will find adventurous stuff throughout your journey to the Castle of Monolithos. The journey will be started from Monolithos Village and it will take the traveler through a forested pavement, which is dotted with many stalls offering authentic drinks, olive oil, and honey. 

Acropolis of Athens:

What are the ruins in Athens called? The answer is Parthenon and Acropolis. In short, the Acropolis of Athens is about architectural marvels sculpted on a rock to amaze travelers all around the world. The Athens Greece ruins will blow your mind and boost your knowledge of history. 

Moreover, Acropolis serves as an elevated point when it comes to covering a journey to Athens. You should not miss exploring the archaeological marvels of the tourist destination, which sprawl across a high, massive rock. Parthenon is considered as the key point of attraction in the entire hilltop region. Parthenon is a famous temple, which is devoted to Athena. The ruins of the Parthenon are enough to draw the attention of tourists all around the world. 

To make the place more interesting and restore a maximum of the structures of the temple complex (belonged to 5th BC), many restoration tasks have been taking place. 

Travelers can continue their journey to the Panathenaic Way while the starting point being the Acropolis of Athens. Thus, travelers can explore Agora Square, away from the town.


When it comes to exploring ancient Greek ruins, Meteora secures a special space being the sacred hilltops. Meteora makes a great amalgamation of hermitages and awe-inspiring monasteries. Most of these structures are formed atop lofty rock pillars. 

Moreover, Meteora has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, so it is a popular tourist destination in Athens. The magnificent, massive rock structures amaze tourists a lot, and that is why this mountainous portion of Greece has become very popular. In short, Meteora is one of the most amazing ancient sites in Greece

However, natural disasters and lots of turmoil have made the monasteries to become abandoned. Hence, you will get to witness many ruins here that will give you insights into the history of Meteora. 

Did you hear about Mount Athos? It is one of the popular and sacred Greek mountains. Monks of this Greek mountain have started living in some of the remaining monasteries of Meteora. Not only is the exploration of Meteora wonderful but also the journey to Meteora is one of the most spectacular road trips in Greece. The scenic views of the journey will create some wonderful, lifelong memories for you. 


Did you know Olympia is the place of origin of the world-renowned Olympic Games? Moreover, Olympia Theater is an age-old Greek sanctuary and its name has been used for the Olympic Games, which is an internationally popular sports competition. 

Olympia Theater was used as the training center for athletes once upon a time. Moreover, this place was also used to evaluate athletes. Do visit this place, and walk across the spacious complex. You will get some amazing experiences and create lifelong memories. In short, Olympia is not only a sports place but also a destination of rich historical significance. 


The Must-Visit Ancient Sites in Greece


Do you want to explore the most remarkable ancient Greek ruins? Then, one of the popular ones in this list is Kameiros. The remnants of an age-old city will amaze you and enrich your knowledge in history. 

When it comes to a popular archeological tourist destination, Kameiros deserves a mention. It is nestled on Rhodes, a popular Greek island. 

Kameiros tells the history of 7th century BC to tourists. An earthquake nearly destructed the entire place. However, the remnants of the age-old city are available for exploration by tourists. Some columns are still bearing the testament of the bygone era, which keep on awe-striking tourists from all over the world. 

Strolling through Kameiros will give you insights into the lifestyle of people who used to live here. Moreover, you can also get to know how people started their journey in this place. Kameiros also has a residential area with a couple of quarters with half walls. 

The peak of Kameiros is home to the Temple of Athena. The seascape views are beyond description. What are the oldest ruins in Greece? Kameiros deserves to be there on the list. 

Temple of Apollo, Delphi:

The Temple of Apollo is nestled on the inclination of Mount Parnassos. Did you know Mount Parnassos is a very significant spot of Ancient Delphi? Tourists can opt for covering an uphill path to reach the Temple of Apollo. The journey offers opportunities to tourists to explore numerous stone remnants, such as monuments. 

You already know Olympia is the origin of the world-renowned Olympic Games. However, did you know Delphi used to be popular for the Pythian Games? The Pythian Games consisted of sports events, music, poetry, and art competitions. 

That is why the Temple of Apollo has a spacious 5,000-seater amphitheater in the adjacent. The amphitheater was used to organize all the above events. If you start the journey from the northwest of Athens, then you will arrive in Delphi within around two hours. 

Theatre of Epidaurus:

The Theatre of Epidaurus is an appropriate testament to the amazing technological advancements of ancient Greece. It is an age-old amphitheater of Greece, which is concealed in the mountains. If you want to reach the place, you will need to cover a drive of around 2 hours from Athens. 

The Theatre of Epidaurus could accommodate a whopping 14,000 audiences. And you already know the place was technologically advanced in that era and it can be comprehended by exploring modern acoustics here. 

Furthermore, the Theatre of Epidaurus used to have 55 rows of seats made of limestone. The accuracy of the craftsmanship and the acoustics will amaze you. The theatre has a healing center adjacent to it. Ancient Greece is believed to have the culture of using music as a vast segment of medicine. 

Ancient Agora of Athens:

This place is the center of ancient Athens. Whenever you pay a visit to Acropolis, you should not miss visiting the Ancient Agora of Athens. It is home to the remnants of an age-old Greek marketplace. 

The place is located at just a 15-minute of walking distance from the northwest direction of Acropolis. Visiting this place will also give you a scope to explore a magnificent museum, which houses an assortment of Athenian remembrances to explore. The onsite museum will enable you to know about the bygone era of Greece. 


Whether you are interested in visiting historical places or not, top ancient greek ruins will blow your mind and give you insights into the ancient environment and culture of the place. You will get to explore numerous remnants, which used to be crowded places once upon a time. 

The entire journey will give you some golden opportunities to know about the past of ancient Greece. Hence, are you ready to explore the ruins in Greece and enrich your travel experience? Then, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Greece today!