When is the best time to visit Egypt ?


Travel Egypt by Season

Known as the gift of the Nile, Egypt is a country rich in history. It is the location of one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. Trade, transportation and agriculture is abundant thanks to the longest river in the world. Egypt was ahead of its time, whose testimony is still event until this modern age. As of date the “Land of the Pharaohs” boasts of the Great Pyramids and the Great Sphinx. Majestic structures continue to capture the interest of both ancient and modern societies.


The land of Egypt has two seasons: a mild winter and dry hot summer. Winter is experienced during the month of November to April. Summer spans the month of May to October. When is it the best time to visit Egypt one would ask? The answer either way! The locality has lots to offer whichever season or weather preference one might have.

Egypt in Winter highlights: Conquer Iconic Sinai Trail

During winter the temperature can go as low as 9.5 C, a bit chilly but manageable. The cool atmosphere would be fitting for one to enjoy the “world’s best hike” known as the Sinai Trail. The route is from the Gulf of Aqaba up to the top of the highest Egyptian mountain Jebel Katrina. The hike is 12-day activity was originally organized by three Bedouin tribes.


The experience will make stops in Ein Hudera, Hajar Maktoob and Wadi Hajja, The Blue Desert, Bedouin Orchards, Mount Sinai, Jebel Katherina, and Monastery of St. Katherine. The journey itself is very enriching where all your senses will be filled to the brim. The discoveries you will definitely last you more than a lifetime.

Egypt in Winter highlights: Visit the Structures

The pyramids of Giza are advisable to be visited in pleasantly cool weather during December. Crowds tend to flock the area so it comfortable to come when the weather can naturally give comfort. Nearby the pyramids is the proud sculpture of fabled the Sphinx. The 4500-year-old lime statute is surely hard to miss.

Another pride of the old world is the Abel Simbel temple in Aswan. The famed sculptures stand as proof of the Pharaoh’s power during early civilizations. Speaking of the famed rulers in Luxor, the Valley of Kings is another sight to behold. In this place rest the famed mummified remains of pharaohs who led Egypt. Other must-sees is the Karnak temple dedicated to the deity Amun-Re also found in the vicinity.

The Cairo Tower is a modern structure inspired by ancient architecture that is deemed the tallest in Egypt and North Africa. The landmark is second to its ancient counterpart the Pyramids of Giza. Sunrises and sunsets are a sight to behold from this location. It also showcases a great view of the Nile River is and downtown Cairo. It serves as a statement that Egyptian architecture managed to evolve and continues to make wonderful masterpieces.

Egypt in Winter highlights: Experience a Nation’s Identity

Understanding a nation’s roots is also an enjoyable task when visiting a foreign land. If you have the energy to spare Cairo has a special tour itinerary known as Islamic Cairo walking tour. The route aims to feed the curious minds about Cairo’s Islamic culture. The tour will come across various of the best-built mosques in Egypt. The list consists of Al-Azhar Mosque, Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan, Masjid Al-Hakim to name a few.

Egypt in Summer: Fun under the Sun

Summer is not a peak season in Egypt. Meaning it is a very budget friendly time to enjoy what the country has to offer. Sahl Hasheesh is a prime spot near the Red Sea. It houses premium hotels that provide the best beach parties, fine dining, beaches, and water activities. Another good spot is the town of Hurghada. The crystal clear waters, sandy beaches and coral reefs make it a great scuba diving spot. For those who cannot dive don’t fret. Hurghada also houses a Grand Aquarium that equally gives you the best under water experience.

Another haven is the city of Alexandra. This vicinity was established by no other than Alexander the Great and was the home of famed queen Cleopatra. Having such a history Alexandria will definitely enchant you with its beauty. Speaking of grandeur, during the warm summer you must reward yourself a cruise along the Nile River. This natural treasure continues to support life and give pleasure not only to the tourist but to locals as well.

Egypt in Summer: Experience the Culture

Egypt summers can really stir up heat waves. However just because its too hot outside, one cannot enjoy some cultural immersion. The Egyptian Museum in Cairo showcases the richest collection of antiquities. The establishment has a lot of artifacts from the tomb of King Tutankhamun the most famous pharaoh. In the museum the 11 kilograms Gold Mask of Tutankhamun is displayed in full glory. The mask itself is a work of art to behold and its inscribed Egyptian hieroglyphs add a dash of uniqueness to it.

Now if you want to experience some people interaction, but keep a tight budget go and visit a local market. In Cairo, Khan El Khalili bazaar is a haven for great purchases. Souvenirs come in different forms in this market. From novelty display items to spices, shisha water pipes, perfumes, and leather products. There are even stalls that sell silver, copper, brassware and gold jewelry. This place will surely test your bargaining skills and hawk like eyes to target the best deals.

Egypt no matter the weather:

Egypt as much as it was an ancient powerhouse has managed to embrace the modernity of the present. A must-see location is the district of Zamalek in Cairo. There are three bridges that connect Zamalek to Gezira Island located in the Nile River. It houses the most attractive residence in Egypt. The 19th century inspired Jardin des Plantes has a lot of beautiful villas and apartment buildings.

The locality also offers leisure like unforgettable nightlife. It filled with lively music, fun people and coupled with the finest signature drinks. Retail therapy is also something Zamalek can offer. Prestigious and high-quality boutiques are station in the area. Labels such as the Sahara Collection, AgroDolce and Amuse will always be happy to serve you.

Egypt is a place like no other best enjoyed in all its facets. Come and treat yourself to a world where the ancient meets the present in whatever season that fits your taste.