Where to stay in Madrid top 10 hotels

Are you also confused about where to stay in Madrid? Here you will find the top 10 hotels to stay in Madrid. These are some of the most beautiful, and luxurious locations offering the best food, and services.
top 10 hotels to stay in Madrid

Best 10 locations – where to stay in Madrid

We introduce you all to Madrid city before taking you to the Top best hotels in Madrid.
Madrid is the most populous city and also the capital of Spain. Also, it is the second-largest city in the European Union. The city has around 3.4 million inhabitants and an area of about 6.7 million covered by the metropolitan population. Madrid is a beautiful city with several things to adore, for instance, there are a good variety of museums, an amazing collection of parks, a different variety of clubs, and restaurants. A great city to explore with endless options, which is why tourists often come here to visit and experience all these attractive places. But, where should you stay?

Where to stay in Madrid? Here are the best places that you must visit!

Where to stay in Madrid

Where to stay in Madrid


Hotel Willington is a five-star hotel, and it is located in one of the prestigious areas of that city. The Wellington was started in 1952, rooms are luxurious and very attractive. You will enjoy the ambiance and the services of the hotel. There is a lovely garden on the rooftop, and a wonderful pool complemented by a hydrotherapy pool.

In addition, a sauna and steam room are also provided. Some interesting places for nosh are Michelin – starred Kabuki, and the stylish Basque restaurant Goizeko. This is a favorable place for all the fans of old-school – glamour. It is popular because of its interior as well as its tremendous rooms.

2.Westin Palace

Westin Palace in Madrid is located opposite the Prado. It put forwards the traditional glamour and splendid comfort to this astounding place. It is a place where you must not miss visiting. Westin Palace is an astounding place where you enter the door, and you will feel like you have entered a distinct world itself. The most famous La Rotando, restaurant, and lounge area under an ornate – stained-glass dome is called a circle of elegance where local visitors and guests visit for coffee and drinks at all times of the day.

Also, there is a good gym and sauna, and the rooms are classically decorated with marble bathrooms. In addition, there is a Sunday brunch, and it sometimes throws in an amazing opera performance to attract visitors. So, have you decided where to stay in Madrid? If not, then continue reading this guide!


The hotel principal is the most popular place gathering with the media and fashion crowd. The lodge is very beautiful and eye-catching to attract the crowd with its beauty. They have a pleasing color scheme, with amazing and comfortable rooms with the chic roof terrace which is the most desired place in Madrid for a drink that you must visit in the summertime. It also consists of a sauna and a small gym.

The amazing rooms of Madrid include balconies which ultimately enhance the beauty of the place. All the sleek bathrooms have the same grey elegant decor with massage – jet showers. The Principal has their best two – Michelin – starred chefs at their restaurant.

What are the best places to stay when you visit Madrid?

Madrid top 10 hotels

Madrid top 10 hotels

4. Unico

Hotel Unico is all about its interior and services. The building will remind you of the late 90s. It’s twisting and swirling black and white mosaic floors combining Bardiglio, Thassos marble, Carrara, and dramatic red sculpture hanging. They also offer massage and beauty treatments in luxe treatment rooms but that doesn’t have a spa.

Unico is a different heaven in itself with a fabulous library collection, their library will give you a vibe of the club, and the garden is a delightful one. You must visit Unico for a one-time meal at least, and for sure you will not regret your decision.

5. NH Collection

NH Collection Madrid Suecia in the center of Madrid, basically on a side street of the Gran Via. It takes you back to the 50s when it was known as the Suecia and was one of the favorite hang- out of Earnest Hemingway. Most famous personalities have stayed here. One more interesting place to visit there is the Dimly-Lit Hemingway bar along with the scarlet velvet banquettes is the best place to look.

There is also a fun oyster bar. Some of the rooms have large terraces, and the view is speechless! You will enjoy the tour of the NH collection Madrid Suecia. Hopefully, now you got an idea, at which location you would want to stay in Madrid isn’t it?

6. Hotel Barceló Torre De

Hotel Barcelo Torre De Madrid is famous for its perky design due to its beauty. It attracts all the fashionistas and creatives in Spain. Top Spanish designer Jaime Hayon has created new interiors using a palette of jewel as well as berry shades with detailings of gold and sweeping curves.

The indoor pool with attractive steel is a great center of attraction with a sauna. The rooms of the hotel have an amazing ambiance, and wooden flooring, big windows which give you a glorious view. In addition, the Somos restaurant is the best place to admire.

7. Palacio Del Retiro

The Hotel Palacio Del Retiro is a five-star and very luxurious place. It is one of the fantastic places in Spain, opposite Retiro park and near to the best museums as well as the best shops in the smartest locations of that market. It has around 50 rooms and suites with an astounding park view from the balcony.

All rooms are of a balanced size offering a good amount of space and comfort at the same time. Palacio Del Retiro is renowned for its rooms as designed in such a way, for instance, marble fireplaces with contemporary fabric places, furniture, and wooden floors. The rooms on the second and third floor are the biggest and with advanced interior and decor, hence, their price is also a bit high. It also has a huge library hall – mahogany paneled walls.

8. Palacio de los Duques

The Hotel Palacio de Los Duques shows a marvelous resemblance to the Santo Domingo Convent, the 19th-century Palace of the Dukes of Ega and Villahermosa. It has been redecorated and added a new look keeping in mind the original features should remain there. The interesting part about it is they have a Velazquez theme in the entire hotel with the large master paintings on the walls to intensify its look.

The color scheme is all about shimmery fabrics in hues of indigo, ochre, and maroon. The hotel is specifically located in the street – right at the center with the Teatro Real opera house and opera metro station just a walk away down the hills. So exciting!


The URSO is a hotel as well as a spa, the best feature to attract visitors. URSO is again a five-star hotel. You will need to walk for 5 minutes or more from the oh-so-trendy neighborhoods of Malasana to reach here. Some of the key features are the tremendous mahogany lift and the stained glass window which adds to the royal look it possesses.

As mentioned above, the crucial part of the attraction to it is the spa services. The Natura Bisse spa at the Urso has all the essential things with the finest quality services that an Urban spa should have. You should not miss the chance to experience the services offered here. Hurry up!

10. Urban

Hotel Urban Madrid is one of the most captivating hotels right now. Not only this, they attract a huge crowd because of their famous restaurant and bars. Moreover, the hotel has a nice rooftop, swimming pool with a marble floor, and a solarium beside the staircase along with the glittering walls.

The focal restaurant is Europa Deco, the food offered is delicious and well presented. They offer top-class services with a lovely ambiance. If you have once visited here you will come back again. The staff especially take care of their customers and serve their best on the table.


Hopefully, now you know where to stay in Madrid, right? The hotels mentioned above are the best neighborhood & hotels in Madrid. You can choose according to your preferences and also select the area in which you would like to stay. It is essential to choose your hotel wisely and which is a comfortable place when you are going out on a trip.

It is necessary to reside in a comfortable and friendly place because it sets your mood for the entire trip itself.
All the ten hotels mentioned are some of the best places and also located at superb locations. You can analyze the interior and the services being offered to you to choose which one is the best option that you can go for. You can do the bookings online by yourself. So, what are you waiting for? The list is here.

You only have to make the right choice for yourself at your convenience.
This guide will help you in building your best decision!